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Application Infernal :D

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Application Infernal :D

Post by Infernal on Wed 24 Sep - 15:04

1. Present yourself in real life
- Musseau Guillaume
- Age: 17
- Country or City: La roche sur yon (85)
- What you are doing : Im sutident and I play football

2. Present yourself : I play since 4-5 years, I have mainly to play it fullspeed since I have to begin, I participated in many competition fullspeed (ESL; IDFTC; Country cup; Bt; fsl..). I am still a player for the *AAA* team on tmnf in Fullspeed.

3. Why you choose us :
I want change on tm2, I would like begin speed fun because fullspeed is boring ^^. I think, I can progress in this team while keeping the fun on this game with very well and nice players as you.

cya hf Razz


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Re: Application Infernal :D

Post by rodeur77 on Wed 24 Sep - 15:30

welcome to G2H inf and good luck for your train funspeed Very Happy

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