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competiton SFL

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competiton SFL

Post by rodeur77 on Sun 21 Sep - 1:35

hi guy's Very Happy

How you know the SFL're about to start so here is already the rules:

I'll make a small list of players present for G2H for this competition Smile

when :

Team captain: login malin31                 in game G2H malin49
player: login unknow                            in game G2H nephilim
player login: infernal85                       in game aAa infernal
player login: nicolasjob                        in game wws salo
player login: rodrils                             in game wws rodri
playerlogin: unknow                             in game TA lecter
player login: larswi                              in game G2H lars
player:login unknow                             in game jeff
player login kirikou123                        in game G2H kirikou
player login: rodeur77                        in game G2H rodeur  

i think it's ok when see you later and gl for you train Very Happy

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