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Codes of conduct

Post by Gazou on Mon 25 Nov - 10:22

Hey fellow G2H

In order to act as a representative of G2H on public servers, there is a need to follow some certain ground rules, for all G2H's to follow.

A G2H should always:

1. Behave in a friendly matter
2. Respect other players (Regardless of skill-level)
3. Follow Server-Rules ( No close...)
4. Respect your fellow G2H and G2H itself
5. Feel Loyalty to G2H
- This means: NO second accounts unknown by the G2H community to rival clans such as Wws, Linkin, DnA etc.... NO play with an other nick on G2H account.
6. Second accounts are perfectly ok, as many as u like..
7. To be active in the game and in the forum

As always, feel free to make inputs and comments. Democraty Rulezz..., to a certain point .


To Thx Ahatraxx

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